Instagram Disabled For Violating Our Terms

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It seems to have become like reporting a bug on FB.Data Disclosure.

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The pop up message said the ban will be lifted on thursday. This is what is stated in these new Terms of Use for Instagram. Describe the next day that for instagram disabled due to. Login and change your bio a bit, and then try to like something. Rock your disabled instagram for terms bro ma informations are good idea? The same exact thing happened to me as what happened to another user here. This article has been made free for everyone, thanks to Medium Members. All this has been lifted faster you disabled instagram account violated. Keep in mind that this method is not guaranteed to work in all instances. My issue seems to be completely different from what I have read thus far. But they eventually came around. How are we supposed to know?

Facebook business account by the same name was linked to the Instagram business account.

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Because of that, we would only continue Instagram as a hobby. But I make sure only positive things and I stil get blocked. IGers, your block could last as long as a week or even a month. There has to be something that can be done about this ridiculous rule. Boy, am I glad for that and it seems like a miracle at this point! You can now comment now?

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Instagram will review your account and get back to you. Read this article till end before contacting Instagram. Your account has been deactivated for violating our terms. It looks like your profile contains a link bunch of numbers in brackets. Did you use an unfollow app?

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