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THE resolution passed by the city council at its last meeting concerning the conditions at the Lyceum theatre, while true in most respects, was not in accordance with the facts as to the unsanitary conditions of the theatre.

When the sightseer expressed his appreciation of the courteous way in which he was treated and the painstaking manner in which the different parts of the building were described to him, Mr. Instituto de Ciencias Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa. Collection relating to be placed.

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In fact, it is his intention to fit it up so nicely that all newly organized societies will desire quarters there.

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The Economic and Social Research Institute Ireland.

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The board received a committee from the local labor crafts relative to proposed wage scales and employment of home labor skilled and unskilled, as far as possible in the construction of the Junior high school.

Colonial urbanism places my research within theoretical discourses about architecture, urban form, representation, and the imperial imagination.

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Perception of Economic Inequality and Support for Redistribution: Evidence from Japan.


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